Thursday, January 18, 2018

trying to keep a long story short is not always possible!

so, it's been a while...but we think you'll all understand when we let you in on the secret...later.

first off - seems like everyone has been experiencing a sheer month of crap weather - we've never had staying snow this early (it started staying in mid-end december!), we've had every kind of storm known to man - days on end of the whole house rattling and shaking from the wind, snow, more snow, freezing cold temperatures, rain, hail, sleet, sleet snow, rain snow, ghost snow, and some horribly windy days. imagine our disbelief to find out that during the past 3weeks of crap weather - we've had it much easier than the rest of the island, the mainland and NB!!! sure we had power outages, during our worst wind/snow storm the winds were up to 110kph gusts!!! we prayed for the linemen who were up on poles, dangling in that awful wind and snow, getting us our power back. but we have enough of these kinds of storms that we know what to do and just get everything set up. we were out of power for almost 2 days and that could have been pretty chilly but we use a ginormic kerosene heater until we feel the need for the generator.

we had to replace our generator after one storm but hey - it lasted 6 full years and every time we needed it - it worked! we only use our generator for heat if we have to - we don't open the fridge or freezer and we are usually powered back up in 2 days or less. and now we have an even better generator - woohoo! the heat situation will be taken care of when we build our addition as we have a gorgeous little wood stove that our Big bro G and Big Sis C (thank you both very much!) gave us a few years ago. jambaloney is really good with restoring things like that.

today it looks like this - winter wonderland.

well kids - it's time to come clean. we know that some of our closest blogfriends have probably already guessed this, being that they served in the military, overseas, on big giant US Navy boats, various deployments and TD's - we're talking about Harry, Duke, Sweet Sandy, JUGM, TB and Ed. yes - we contract for the CIA. jambaloney's whole gig at Lobsters 'R US is fully-CIA-funded. and you know how he sometimes goes down to our gorgeous, beautiful empty beach to fish?

the beach is his "drop zone"....those in the know will know what that means.

and remember how we don't celebrate birthdays except this year me and my Big sis C went for facials on my birthday? nope, she's in on it to. she was the get-away driver.

this was the meet-up place.

Big Sis C is off in the distance getting ready to pick me up at the slightest sign of something going wrong. no worries, everything went really well and i got the drop.

then on jambaloney's birthday, i had to go to another drop. so on jambaloney's birthday me and my besty C went in for a facial (for her) and a manicure for me.

apparently our little town is a known route for shipping various and sundry illegal CIA-related things.

my job was to scout out the coastline and gather information. my besty C just smoked in the car.

so kids - we hope you understand why we have been soooo busy. we keep getting called out on missions and we both can't be gone at the same time. we have cats to feed. used to be we had 4 but it's looking like we now have 5!!! more on that later!

however - much good food has been eaten. this is our last zucchini fritter made with our last zucchini, our own potatoe, our own carrot and our own green onion. some home-made salty pickles on the side and one of our last nasturtiums.

mid november harvest basket looking none too shabby! those greenhouses are a godsend!

we ate lots of good salads.

we harvested the last of our carrots (these went in late and we plan to replant the smallest ones for seed next year).

and as some famous philosopher once said "if ye put a box of sweet orange things with green tops on a table, yonder some cat will be in that box faster than you can say geesh". can't remember who said it, but it's TRUE!!!

that's Frankie Blue Eyes, munkey-monoonch, box baby. jambaloney made the mistake of putting the lid of a banker's box on the kitchen table a few days ago and we haven't been able to move it since!

between mid-november and the beginning of december we had some wonderful weather.

more salad - we love salad!

the last of the green tomatoes came in on november 24th?!?!??!? can you believe that?!??!?

i put them all on window ledges and they all turned colour - woohoo! so now we have 3 ltrs of green and 10 ltrs of red tomatoes in the freezer ready to be made into a bunch of food for the rest of the year. and here's our last strawberry.

kombucha tea gets made regularly and we love the stuff!

the greenhouses have been cleaned up and jambaloney got a bunch of pots ready for cold-hardy things to come up first thing in spring.

it doesn't look like much but these little squashes gave us a ton of puree for soups over the winter.

and this is the reason that we will never be able to use the beautiful tikki torches that jam's mom and dad sent us.

that's edgar houdini, another stray that we took in. he comes in from being outside - all proud of himself, scratches his box like a big man and then climbs on it to sleep. he is the sweetest, tiniest, furriest little cat with stumpy little legs. we call him houdini because he escaped a locked bathroom twice!!!! and somehow when jam took him out for some air (after his surgery) on a leash - he escaped that too. he's also called the stink-eyed don't want him to put the stink eye on you....oh no!

this is noodie-noo, noodin, he doesn't wear pants.

he's cranky, he's old, he'll stand in front of the kitty litter (we have several and clean them after each cat does his business - makes jambaloney nuts!) and no matter where i am in the house i will sense that little man's eyes burning in my head and will have to come to whichever kitty litter box he is at, i will have to scoop around the litter (it's empty), he will do his little sneeze and then daintily put a toe in to make sure it is clean!

this is my favourite pic of Shamby-Moe, previously named Karol by his former owners, renamed by us Barrel (he's the shape of one!), Moey, Moby and Moey-Shamby.

here's some fun for jambaloney when he's not working on his contract, shoveling cat paths or shoveling the driveway.

that is the worst area that needed repairing, there were several others!

here's our greenhouses and our land from the roof.

that's 40 beautiful tires all ready for planting potatoes this spring.

and here's out front of our land from the roof.

and now on to the new guy. another stray that someone just dropped off who found his way onto our porch through the cat doors.

we made him a warm bed on the porch with food and water and we bring him in the house as often as we can. he seems to like to leave after breakfast in the morning, goes somewhere, and then comes home at suppertime for his supper. he always has a full bowl of dry cat food on the porch and fresh water and when he comes in the house he cleans everybody else's plates.

so that's 5 stray cats we have now. we have named this little man Fin as jambaloney, who used to work in restaurants, said that all the staff called 5 dollar bills "fin". but as usual, our cats cannot have only one name - they need many to consider and ponder - ( see T.S. Eliot's "The Naming of Cats") - he has already acquired the moniker Feng Shui. he will soon have 5 or 6 more names.

jamie is taking him in to the vet tomorrow - it's going to be a long night because he's a howler. we're going to feed him as much as he can eat until 8 and then we have to take turns being with him in the bathroom all night. it's gonna be a long night but since he is so young ( i think maybe 2), and all of our other cats are older, he needs to get fixed as he is just starting to show signs of wanting to spray things. so far the cats are putting up with him and we think he will fit in just fine once fixed.

and i know this post has been fairly long (i love long posts with pics and stuff like Harry's and Rain's), but i just have a few more things to share.

look at this beautiful card that my friend Rain painted and sent to me. i wish you could see and feel the texture. the picture doesn't do it justice!

and then for some crazy reason - CIA-related or not - you be the judge - but i decided i wanted to get jambaloney something special for his birthday.

some say that cycles of 7 are very important in our lives. as this is jambaloney's 7th year here, i thought i would make it a little special. so i got him this star map of all of the stars that were in the sky at midnight on his birthday. the station that took the pic is near Cole Harbour on the mainland of Nova Scotia looking northward. here is the sky part - sooo beautiful!

and it says "we are all in the gutter...but some of us are looking at the stars" which is my favourite quote from Oscar Wilde. i have written that quote in every journal, diary, garden planner forever. i loooove that quote! i wrote it in journals that i wrote for jambaloney and when he got me my first (and only) IPOD nano he had that quote inscribed on the back of it.

the rest of it says "i love looking at the stars here with you. fyg". as you all know we sit out in the hottub and stare at the clearest of skies - that's when it's not storming, raining, etc. and we love looking at the sky! it's soooo big here! the "fyg" is how i have always signed emails, love notes, cards etc. to jambaloney - it means "forever your girl".

i will frame it and hang it in our new addition. until then, we will just have to keep staring up at our night sky.

and last but not least - munkey-monoonch and his big brother moey-shamby enjoying the cat paths that jambaloney clears all around the house and all around the back yard. the cats really appreciate these paths. and so do me and jam when we do our "walk-abouts".

next post up is about getting the beds ready for spring, jambaloney's gonna do a post about grading the driveway several times before the snow came, and then using the tractor to shovel the driveway. i am so glad that we got that tractor - he can shovel our driveway top to bottom on average in 2-2 and a half hours. used to take him 3-4, 6-8 hour days BY HAND. no more of that!

i'll also put up a post soon about our highlights of 2017 and our dreams for 2018.

sorry we have been MIA but you all understand the CIA stuff and all - bahhahahahahaahaah!

oh i really do kill me sometimes!!!! sending love to you all and off to visit your blogs later this afternoon - we have to get the bathroom ready for the little guy and get ready for a night of howling.

Monday, December 25, 2017

we wish all of our friends in blogland, and their families,  a very Merry Christmas!!!

we are sorry to have been away from the blog for so long, but we will update you in the new year about all of the stuff that's been keeping us busy! Merry Christmas from both of us to all of you!

kymber and jambaloney

Monday, November 13, 2017

november 9th, 10th and 11th

november 9th was a beautiful day!

i turned 47! the greenhouse wished me a happy birthday by still producing! thank you greenhouse!

jambaloney bought me 100 bobby pins which i go through like mad! he also gave me another wonderful present which i will tell you about later.

he also dug up the rest of the carrots.

they are just baby carrots from the second round of planting but they are soooo tasty! he brought the box in for me to trim the tops...and in the time it took me to open the scissors drawer to get a pair of scissors - this happened:

that cat can smell a box from 18 miles away. i had to pick him up 3 times and move him and he kept getting in the box! finally i had to put him outdoors!

we don't really celebrate our birthdays but this year i wanted to do something different - i wanted to take my big sis C for a facial. so november 10th is when i got my real birthday gift. jambaloney paid for me and my big sis C to go and have facials and a nice lunch together. here she is in all of her glory and beautiful smile.

of course, it was rainy and windy all day long. we had planned to go walking along the canal. we drove to the canal and stayed in the car.

here she is in a little cafe that we found. beautiful!

we went to a christmas store which was actually a flower shop, and then finally made it to the actual christmas's too difficult to explain. we were hanging on to telephone poles and each other trying not to blow away! and then there were the sheets of rain belting us in the head!

C got some cute little christmas balls for her grandchildren.

while we were at the canal we noticed these lovely latrines.

it was the only place i could have a cigarette without being stormed on! we went back a few times throughout the day.

here we are grinning like fools because we are now heading off to our facials.

 C has never had a facial (not like she needs one - the woman doing her facial told her how beautiful her skin is!). so we each went into a room and both of us came out drunk. or that's how we felt! i fell off the bed trying to put my clothes back on and C said she was hanging on to chairs and other furniture to get her clothes on. they gave us beautiful facials but they also rubbed all kinds of stuff in our hair. C said her hair was sticking straight up and that she looked like bart simpson. so she asked to go to the bathroom to fix her hair and she wobbled down the hall from one side of the wall to the other because she could barely walk. i completely understood - i could barely see and was wobbly too!

we laughed and laughed and C is even considering doing another one, with our other friends, in the future. she thanked me for a beautiful day and i thanked her. it was a wonderful time out with my sis.

november 11th. when we were kids at school we always celebrated Remembrance Day. and our town always had a Remembrance Day parade. i always enjoyed the parade and through grade 7-12 i was always in the parade - our cheerleading squads were always part of the parade. and all the members of the legion marched and people waved and cheered. it was lovely!

i always felt special knowing that my grandmother, an immigrant, served in the military. i have her service card.

and i have mine.

i have a proper service card with stamps and signatures and whatnot but sometime in the early 90's we were issued with new military numbers which used to be our social security numbers. i can still rhyme off my social security number and military number without blinking an eye.

i'm a little late in saying thank you to all who served but i think that most of you know that i am and always will be thankful. to those who served and their families. not much is said about the wives and sons and daughters of serving men - but to me - their job was the toughest.

so that's been my last few days. now i gotta go harvest some more tomatoes - woohoo!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

the most awesome autumn yet!!!

this october and so far, this november, have been brilliant. temps are a little higher than normal, lots of sun, lots of rain, lots of beach.

lots of good food like bulgogi, rice, 2 kinds of kimchi and a grilled mushroom.

and bass. lots of striped bass!

and sunsets that put you in a trance.

and salads with raw tuna, avocado, kimchi, pickled ginger, green onions, carrots, lettuce and a nasturtium flower.

of course there is always kimchi being made.

we made and canned 40 different broths/stocks (we made beef, chicken and chicken with turkey).

more beautiful days even when cloudy.

and then pizza. we think we are off the pizza. neither of us felt well after eating it.

but striped bass? there is plenty! jambaloney is allowed to catch one a day and one bass gives us easily 3 meals. imagine?

this free striped bass meal came with our own potatoes, tomatoes, brussel sprouts and poor man's capers (which are delicious i must add!!!). the remaining cooked bass became breakfast fishcakes the next morn.

so many free meals and so many beautiful days.

harvests looked like this.

i love zucchini fritters so whenever i have one we make them. notice the tomatoes and also notice the beautiful bird's eye chili peppers that my friend Dani from South Africa sent me.

teriyaki chicken thighs with mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and grapes.

the kicker with that salad is the homemade thick carrot-ginger dressing.

oh and river days.

the sun stayed with us on our whole trip.

it led us straight to a new island that has a bit of a beach.

we, of course, named the island "ours". we name all of the islands we find "ours". these islands we find are amazing - no foot traffic or old paths, no garbage or beer bottles or anything like that. these islands really are "OURS".

we like a homemade sweet and sour chicken every now and again.

but salads are a must in our house. almost everything in this salad came from our greenhouses. in october????

but we've been having such gorgeous days!

and eating lots of different salads.

corn. can you ever get enough corn in the autumn? i could eat it every day for 3 months!

yum. told ya i love zucchini fritters.

the beach.

we know it is a beautiful and serene place but now we call it "the free food place".

that baby was cooked up pronto with some bok choi and grapes.

more beautiful days.

and harvests.

and the alpine strawberries that jamie dug out of the hugelkulture (that thing was full of weeds), he replanted them in pots in the greenhouse.

all of them are flowering and putting out berries. woohoo for us!

korean pancake. stuffed to the gills with green onion, cabbage and carrot. deevine!

the squash harvest.

they went in late and didn't really get a chance to ripen. i am taking no chances being it november and all - so i am going to try and ripen them on window ledges.

a ton of grilled veg on rice. nothing more needs to be said.

fish and chips. made with free-from-the-beach-striped-bass and our own potatoes.

with deep fried shrimp and musshroom. homemade tartar sauce and kimchi. best fish and chips ever!

last saturday night was our halloween dance. my Big Sis C wanted a pic of my buns.

my two young friends S and K wanted to put the glowsticks on my buns. i gave all my girlfriends spider rings to wear. we had a blast and a hoot and a half. a great time was had by all.

my Big Sis C bought a bunch of pumpkins to put on her deck and then told us we could have them. don't mind that at all, i sure don't! tons of roasted pumpkin and pumpkin soup coming up this winter. not to mention all of those delicious pumpkin seeds!

well, i must have bored you all to tears by now! but we have had a wonderful october and november is looking just as good.

we're hoping that you are enjoying autumn 2017 as much as we are!!!! xox